Weekly Tarotscope 1st-7th November



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ariesARIES: 21st March – 20th April

It is all about you this week, working on yourself and your life in general. Look out for offers and invites, linking to relationships, work, or general offers of help. These are genuine offers or invites and should be taken seriously. It is a good time for work, and business, and for finances, you may even see an increase in your finances, or have extra money you were not expecting. It’s also a good time for sales, and house moves, you are on the right path, and working towards security.

Godfrey’s message for you is this week is make sure you make some time for yourself, you work so hard, that you need some time to relax and put your feet up, so that you do not burn yourself out. Your hard work is paying off, your trying to get your life sorted out, preparing yourself for a better year ahead, keep going you are doing really well.


taurusTAURUS: 21st April – 21st May

Try not to worry, your fears and worries are far worse than the reality of what is to come. Problems will be sorted out sooner rather than later, you have some good people in your life that want to help you and support you. There is an older person that has wisdom and knowledge that you need to listen too, as they will help you. Change is on its way, bringing about security on the emotional side of things as well as the practical side of life. Contracts and important documents are a focus, and could lead to abundance In your life.

Godfrey’s message to you is you have some decisions to make; you just need to not over worry about making the right or wrong one, as all is going to work out well. It is time to stop hiding from your problems, hit them head on, get some advice, and make change in your life. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Focus on the here and now, some of you are in for a surprise this week, something will happen that you have not been expecting, it could be a gift or just a change of circumstances, it is all for the better though.



geminiGEMINI: 22nd May – 21st June

It looks like the pressure is on, maybe you have some deadlines to meet with work or study, or you have set yourself some personal deadlines, and it is causing you to feel pressured. You have some good people around you, and relationships/ friendships show as blossoming. Still some of you need to heal from the past, and from the hurt, you have been through. Someone is celebrating this week, good news is linking in, and perhaps there is an invite to a party or group gathering that will lift your energies. Commitment is key this week, decide what you want to do and then go for it.

Godfrey’s message to you is try not to be so hard on yourself, and give yourself a break; you are one person and can only do so much. Lighten your load by just doing one thing at a time; you can’t sort everything out at once. Focus on the emotional side of things this week, heal from the past, and focus on the people you have around you. Be prepared an unexpected change to your plans could throw things up in the air, when everything settles you will see its not as bad as you first thought.



cancerCANCER: 22nd June – 22nd July

Be patient, when waiting for something to happen, everything is going to fall into place when the time is right. If you have been feeling at a standstill of late, this is likely to start to change. Calmer times are on their way, and for some of you there are changes to the home, possibly a house move, or work, such as a new job or role. You may feel torn at times as to what to do for the best, but you just need to focus, and decide which route to take, you are on the right path and thinking along the right lines.


Godfrey’s message to you is good news is on its way, a happy announcement of a birth or pregnancy is coming, linking to someone close to you. Make a wish this week; make sure it is for your highest good, as the energies are magical for you to make your dreams come true. Success to a problem that has been dragging on, is on its way also. It’s been a long road for you, it’s been tiring at times, but you are getting there. Keep going, strength, determination and willpower will help you to achieve your goals.


leoLEO: 23rd July – 23rd August

You have a lot on your plate this week, and at times you may well feel that there is not enough hours in the day. Try not to do so much that you get yourself over tired, as you will get to bed at night, and your eyes will ping open, and you will find it hard to sleep, because your mind will be on over drive, you will know if this is the case as you will wake up feeling just as tired as you did when you went to bed. Eventual success is coming to a situation that has been dragging on, and you will start to see the light at the end of what has been a long tunnel. Contracts, agreements, and legal matters are a focus also. Pay attention to these, and deal with the most important things first.

Godfrey’s message to you is you are busy this week, and you need to be organised and pace yourself, plan If you already know there is a lot to get done. Everything you do and say will have an effect this week, which is great on the one hand, but on the other, it’s a matter of thinking before you speak and act to avoid trouble. Your hard work is paying off, and you will soon reap the rewards for your hard labour, keep going now is not the time to give up.


virgoVIRGO: 24th August – 22nd September

Your head is down and you’re working hard, and trying to put the pieces of your life together. I can see frustrations, hassles and nuisances, which appear to be caused by other people. It may be that there are some people that are just very irritating at times. There is a focus on the material side of life, and some of you may be looking at ways to make more money. Remember to balance the energies with material and spiritual, to have overall happiness in your life. It is time to step out of your comfort zones and take a leap of faith, if you want to make change happen in your life.

Godfrey’s message to you is life has been trying of late, you have had your fair share of ups and downs, but slowly things are changing for you. There is a quieter time on its way, where you can think, reflect and make plans for the year ahead. You need to decide on what you want to do, what you want to happen, and then put your hard work into making it happen. When you are in the right frame of mind, and your focused you can achieve anything you want.


libraLIBRA: 23rd September – 23rd October

There looks to be paper work that is going to be signed this week, and I would say this links into new jobs, roles or finances. You have some choices to make, decide what you want to do and then go for it, you have nothing to lose at this point and a lot to gain. The focus on finances show as being good, an increase of money that you are or have been expecting is coming your way. Good news and celebrations are showing. There is also something that some of you are questioning or feeling confused about, your seeking something more in your life, and now is to the time to get out there and find it.

Godfrey’s message to you is embrace the currents of life that are around you, change is on its way, and it’s for the better. You will feel more energised as everything starts to fall into place. Make plans for what you would like to achieve next year, have something good to focus on. New opportunities present themselves that will lead on to greater opportunities of happiness later on.



scorpioSCORPIO: 24th October – 22 November

There is a period of good news and celebrations, you’re working hard and your focused, and this is all going to pay off for you. Balance and harmony is restored, as you focus on the people you love and care about the most. They are your support and the people that give you the support you need. There is a situation where you cannot see the bigger picture, or the end result, and more time is needed before you can see the outcome. You are in tune with people and situations, so pay attention to what you feel and sense. Spend some quality time at home and with your family and friends, remember they are important and need you just as much as you need them.

Godfrey’s message to you is commitment and dedication is needed at this point in time, you’re focusing on work, and your loved ones, and the rewards will be plentiful. You’re heading towards a change in your home life, and your financial life, where you will feel happier and secure. There are some things In life that cannot be rushed or forced, accept that when something is meant to happen it will, and if it doesn’t, something else will come and replace it, making life much better.



sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: 23rd November – 21st December

 There is an ending, a chapter in your life closing and a new one is going to open for you. Keep life simple, and go with the flow, whilst you may feel down, and be reflecting on the past to times where you were happier, there is a need for healing, and moving forwards. Change is coming, and hopes and dreams are going to fall into place and come true for you. There is a focus on the home, either relocating, or moving to a new home that is being talked about or actually happening. Good news comes when you least expect it, a new way of living your life is on its way, just be patient whilst everything sorts itself out and falls into place.

 Godfrey’s message to you is as one door closes a new one opens, stepping out of what has been a dark period emotionally, and moving forwards to happier times is coming for you. As you progress this week, you will start to feel happier and content. You have been blessed with many lovely things, and you’re really appreciating what you have, and who you have in your life. You’re working towards your dreams and financial security, it’s all on its way for you, it’s just taking a bit of time, and a lot of hard work, but you will get there.


capricornCAPRICORN: 22nd December – 20th January

Clean slates, new beginnings bringing a new way of life are on its way. Career is a focus, rethinking what you want to do, or a positive change in it. This week sees you getting just what you need, it may not be all you hoped for, but it will be what is necessary. There is an opportunity, that is going to take you on the right path. There is so much to do, you have a lot to get done, focus and pace yourself, so you do not get over loaded. There is a recovery period a time to focus on your hopes, dreams and wishes for the future.

Godfrey’s message to you is there is a time of rebirth indicated, you are changing on so many levels, inwardly, but most importantly situations are changing around you, bringing a new sense of hope and optimism. Make a wish this week, make sure it is a good one, dreams can come true, miracles can happen, you just need to believe, and stay positive.



aquariusAQUARIUS: 21st January – 18th February

There are times when destiny steps in, and something happens, that is just meant to be, this is how the theme of the week feels to me for a lot of you. Go with the flow, embrace change as it comes, your heading in the right direction. Clearance is also indicated for you this week, out with the old and outworn and in with the new. Some of you are working on rebuilding some areas of your life, making it stronger and better than before. Golden opportunities present themselves, as a way to better your life; you have some important but necessary decisions to make, with regards to work or relationships in the week ahead.


Godfrey’s message to you is when an ending appears in your life; do not forget to shut the door behind you, it’s time to tie up those loose ends, cross the T’s and dot those I’s. New beginnings and fresh starts are what are needed. Take all opportunities that come your way, you have some decisions to make with them, listen to what you feel and sense, if you get a good feeling go for it. Nothing is happening by chance this week, it’s all part of the bigger picture and working towards happiness in the long term future.


piscesPISCES: 19th February – 20th March

There is a focus on finances, and security, your hard work is paying off for you, and the rewards you’re aiming for are coming for you. I can see children, or certainly younger people are a focus of your attention this week. I also see that you need to try and save some money, it’s a time to draw the purse strings in, just for the time being. Tense times and emotional struggles, seem to come from not dealing with a problem or situation. For some of you, it looks like the tension of what a divorce or separation brings. New ideas will come to bring solutions to your problems

Godfrey’s message to you is problems look like they are going to start to get sorted out, it’s taking its time, but you will get there. You have been working so hard to get things sorted out, and it is going to pay off for you. Some of you will see an increase in finances, or have some news about finances that will make you feel happier. It is not long before the light will come on, and you will be able to see what is ahead of you clearer.


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