Cards revealed 2nd November

















Today i got you to pick a card number below is the cards, and message revealed



lightcard 1

What a fantastic card you have chosen today, even in the darkest of times, light of spirit, will always shine upon you, you are never alone. This card is very positive and powerful no matter where you are in your life right now, no matter how hard it is, this is the promise that it will get better. This is your time to shine your own light, feel optimistic, happy and embrace the joy that comes with this card, you will then attract positive people and positive experiences, which will then spiral to bringing even more blessings into your life. Know that what ever you are putting your energies into right now, its all going to work out for the best for you, and life will indeed get better. Celebrations are coming your way, a new you and a new way of life is emerging bringing much happiness in its place




triumphcard 2

This card is also known as the chariot card in the traditional tarot. this is all about taking control of your own lives and situations a round you, and not letting anyone control or steer your life for you. You have the power to take yourself in any direction you please. More than you realise sometimes. It is just worries and fears that prevent this from happening. Journeys by car will prove to be successful . You may find you are having inner battles and conflicts at the moment, and finding it hard to make decisions, because you have so much going on around you. Take your time, no need to rush. Where ever you find yourself right now in your life. You need to know that everything is as it should that, therefore spirit are telling you, that you are on the right path and stage in your life. I know many of you right now that are going through some extremely difficult times that can make you really question what life is all about. Trust me i have been there myself a few times in my own life. In order that you get through this stage, you need to demonstrate, inner strength, determination and courage. Granted it is not easy, and it does take time, but you can and will see the end of this phase in your life and as a result will come out the other side




recognition and rewardcard 3

This is such a wonderful and empowering card, it is a time of you getting rewards, you have been working hard and now it is paying off for you. Perhaps you are about to complete a project or some work you have been doing inwardly on yourself or in the outer world. Pat yourself on the back, and be proud of what you are achieving in your life right now. It is a period of your life to accept offers of help; more opportunities are on their way in your life. You are on the right track, and heading down the right path when this card shows up.



 spiritual strengthcard 4

I see this as a protection card, that no matter how bad life can feel it could be a heck of a lot worse, as spirit are trying to support you, so much green in this card, which makes me think about healing, and that many of you are either healing from a bad situation or just on the healing path for either self-healing or healing others, this is about your own inner strength, it’s amazing how strong you can be when you have to be, when something is forced in your path, where you have no choice but to be strong and get through it, at times we just don’t feel that we can do it, we do not feel strong, but somehow we pull that inner reserve of inner strength and do get through the hard times, and you know it does make you a stronger person in the end. This it a time where you need to use your inner strength, courage and determination, trying to sort things out can be so draining, the constant daily struggles at times, but you need to keep going, as it will pass and you will come out of it the other side.


I hope you have enjoyed your readings please stay on the page for more interactive sessions this week xx

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  1. pam.cassidy says:

    Tku so much your awesome

  2. nikki says:

    Thankyou for the reading x

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