weekly tarotscopes 25th October – 31st October




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ariesARIES 21ST March -20th April

This week sees many of you trying to do the right thing, and do everything in the right order. There are times in life when you have to start from the bottom and work your way up, whether it is a problem In your work, a relationship or your finances you have to start somewhere, and this is where you are in your life at the moment, and there is no easy way round things and there is no shortcuts to be taken; you just have to work through things very slowly and methodically. Many of you have been through a dark period in the last few months, and it has been pretty hard going but now I feel that you are ready to start to move on, and enter a new phase in your life, where new opportunities will start for you. New beginnings will show you that a new way of life will bring you a great deal of happiness and satisfaction. Everything that has happened and is happening around you, is for the best and whilst you may not still be able to see the long term future at the moment and what is ahead of you, it’s just because you need to focus on the here and now and work through this phase of your life, paying attention to what your inner self and gut instincts are telling you.

 Godfrey’s message to you is, you are or are about to start a new phase in your life, a new journey that is going to open up your life to new possibilities and new opportunities, it is only the start and there is a lot of hard work to be done, but you’re finally on the right path and heading in the right direction. Go with the flow and embrace change as it appears in your life, there are times ahead of you where you will feel more at peace within you and the world around you.


taurusTAURUS 21st April – 21st May

Some of you are feeling very bored and want and need something more in your life, it’s time to get a bit more excitement into your life and the only way you can do that is by bringing about change and starting to do things that are going to really lift your energies and give you a boost. It’s time to bring some passion into your life, and get you feeling excited again. Communication is all too important this week and you need to talk to those around you, speak from the heart, and talk about anything and everything to avoid later conflicts. Journeys by road prove to be successful, and this week sees you moving forwards at a good steady pace. You have some big decisions to make this week, and they are necessary ones, perhaps even the sort that you don’t really want to make but now is the time when you need to decide what you want to do. There is a strong attraction and feelings for someone else or that’s they have these feelings for you. There are lots of happy times; positive periods and experiences, where you will start to feel like life is brightening up for you. For those of you that are thinking about taking a few days out of work, or planning some sort of holiday or journey this is a time to do it or to take it. New thoughts and ideas as well as inspirations flow freely through your mind helping you to sort out problems easily, and to get some new plans and thoughts of what you want to do in the year ahead.

Godfrey’s message to you is big changes are on their way and whilst at times you may struggle with making choices and decisions, it is only because your worrying about doing the right and wrong thing, remember that there is no right or wrong decisions to make, the choice you make will be the right one at this moment in time. Appreciate all that you have around you, as you have some good people and situations in your life, your boundless sense of energy and enthusiasm will inspire and motivate others.


geminiGEMINI 22nd May – 21st June

You’re doing a lot of thinking and reassessing this week, looking at what has been and gone, looking that what is happening around you now, and wondering what the future holds. There is a change of direction for you, if you wanted to take it, it will lead on to happier times, but the decision is yours to make as to whether to keep going with your current situation and what is happening in your life or whether to look at a new direction and new approach. I can see that you’ve been working hard and it is paying off for you; but the progress is indeed slow; all the same it is progress and you are on the right path. There is something that is missing or lacking in your life right now it may be a gap or void that needs filling, it’s time to walk away from any situations that do not make you happy or do not serve a purpose, all of this requires you to take a leap of faith, which can be scary and daunting, but if you’re willing to take the risk it will pay off for you in abundance and rewards. Playing it safe has its benefits, but that can also lead to slow progress, every now and again you have to take a chance and take a risk, your being protected and you’re well looked after. Good news and success is on its way, and this is coming from all your hard work and efforts, it’s being recognized and you will reap the rewards from it.

Godfrey’s message to you is it is time to take control of your life and lead and direct it in the way you see fit you have options and choices around you this week and need to trust your own judgment at all times. It’s time to be brave and fearless; step out of your comfort zones and to walk on new ground, and start making plans for your long term future. There is nothing to be scared of; just think about things and take your time, that way you will always make the right decision. You have a busy period ahead, and for those of you that are in business or looking at starting a new business there is success on its way.


cancerCANCER 22nd June -22nd July

You need to be organized and prioritize what is important this week, remember that you cannot do everything yourself or at the same time as much as you would like to. It looks like you have some hassles frustrations and nuisances, times when you’re feeling very pressured, and that you’re up against it. It looks like you feel that somebody is trying to ruin something for you or you are feeling that somebody is trying to control situations around you. I can see the phone, the internet, paper work, it’s just making me feel that you have got so much to do and there will be times when you feel that there is not enough hours in the day. It’s not a time to take any risks financially, do not overspend, or do anything that is going to cause you financial harm. It’s a time of sorting problems out once and for all, and for some of you it’s about working through some tense times and emotional struggles. There are some of you out there that seem to be struggling with a separation, or getting over somebody from your past, this is all about you taking time for yourself right now, do what is right and true for you, and make sure you do things are going to make you feel happier and content.

Godfrey’s message to you is you need to do what is right and true for you, and for those around you. There is a chapter closing in your life, and with it will bring a beautiful new chapter, caution is needed right now you cannot see what is ahead of you, so you need to sense and feel your way through the week ahead. Take each day as it comes and take one-step forward at a time, allow more time to elapse, and then you will be able to see where you are going. It may be a time of uncertainty for many of you, but please know your heading in the right direction and that within the next 6 weeks there is some very good and exciting news ahead of you that will really give you a boost and lift your energies.



leoLEO 23rd July – 23rd August

This week you need to take things slowly, really think about what it is you want to happen in your life, before you take action. There may be a situation where you’re thinking about walking away but haven’t actually decided. It looks like in order for you to make a decision it would require that you take a leap of faith as it means stepping out of your comfort zones and being in a different position completely. The one thing I will say is you need to be careful with your finances this week, and do not take any risks or gambles with them as it could lead to loss. You need to hit problems head on, and don’t leave them too long. There seems to be periods of tense times and emotional struggles, and I feel that there is a lack of communication going on here with someone that is around you. It is time to sit down with anybody that you have a problem or concern with, lay your cards on the table and be honest with people, when you speak from the heart you will get a better response, now is not the time to sweep problems under the carpet, because it’s just going to drag on and make matters worse in the long run. Even though there are these problems and issues showing; as you progress towards the end of the week I get this sense of completion and success, like you are going to overcome them and there will be some positive outcomes and conclusions.


Godfrey’s message to you is hang in there it looks like a bumpy week ahead of you, but a lot of this is coming from ignoring your own gut instinct and intuition, there is a situation or problem that you have been wanting to deal with for a little while but have been putting it off, and now is that time to get things sorted out once and for all. It’s time to be honest with yourself and those around you, the end result leaves you feeling relieved and happier.



virgoVIRGO 24th Aug – 22nd Sept

You have a lovely week ahead of you, and a time where you should make a wish, make sure it’s a good one and that it is going to be for your highest good, it’s a good time to believe in miracles as I feel one is coming for you or manifesting in your life right now. Good news is coming in that will bring about feelings of happiness and give you renewed hope for the future. It’s a good time for love and relationships, and matters of the heart. Try your best to go with the flow this week, and not control too much that is happening around you as that could hold you back and become a blockage. Embrace change as it happens as everything that is happening is as it should be and is meant to be. It’s time to get yourself busy and get all those things done that you have been thinking about doing that you haven’t actually done. This is a time to focus on your future, the light at the end of the tunnel is here for you, it is a period of recovery, the calm after the storm, life getting better, do not let your fears and worries get the better of you, and make sure you believe in yourself, know that you deserve the best in life, and allow the best to happen.

Godfrey’s message to you is you are on a roll this week, everything you touch will literally turn to gold, and you’re focusing on the right things, people and situations. New opportunities are going to appear to make your life a better one, you have been wanting or waiting for something to happen and it is coming your way now. Grab every chance of happiness that you can; life is so short on the grand scheme of things, and you’ve had it hard for so long now, this is your time for change and positivity.



libraLIBRA 23rd Sept – 23rd Oct

It looks like your mind is working overtime and you’re worrying about what could happen, what may happen; that is not likely to happen. The worries and fears in your mind are far worse than the reality of situations around you or the outcomes of situations around you. I see you working very hard and putting pieces of your life together, I also see that there are some jobs to be done around the home, maybe fixing things or putting furniture together. There is some good news and success showing; someone is coming to help you with regards to a situation, its someone that you can trust that is really helpful and thoughtful. For those of you looking for a new job; this is a great week to get some news or an interview regarding a new job or role. Happy times are on their way where you will feel a lot more content and pleased with what is happening around you. Life is going to start to pick up a pace, the waiting period is just about over; be on the lookout for some important news or information that you may need to act on quickly.

Godfrey’s message to you is worrying about things are not going to help you; it is just going to lead to you feeling very tense and putting undue stress on yourself. All you need to do is focus, keep your head down and work as hard as you can as the rewards you have been seeking will come your way. You are on the right path and heading in the direction. Fears and worries can hold you back, so you give them to the universe and leave it to your Angels and guides to sort out your worries and concerns. What will be will be.


scorpioSCORPIO 24th Oct – 22 Nov

Happy days are starting to appear for you, and it’s been a long time coming. Everything you you’re putting your focus into right now will take you on the right path and take you in the right direction. Lady luck is on your side, if you think Lucky you will be lucky trust me on this one. There seems to be so much to do this week that I feel that you need to plan ahead, so you don’t get stressed out, and run down. Good news and celebrations are on their way and the start of a new chapter emotionally where you will start to feel a lot more positive. Remember any obstacles that come your way are not there to prevent you from progressing, they’re merely challenges, and there is nothing that you cannot get through or get over. I can see that life is changing for you and it is changing for the better, you need to embrace change as it comes and not fight against it. Nothing is happening by chance at the moment everything is as it should be, there looks to be some increases in finances also and changes to happen around the home.

Godfrey’s message to you is life is moving forwards at a good and steady pace, this year is all about you crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s, making your way clear so that you can really progress forward in the year ahead. So make sure you get complete your targets and goals, that there is nothing left outstanding that you need to address or sort out as you head towards the end of the year, as there is not long to go now, just a matter of weeks before the new year starts. Financial and material success is on its way, all due to your hard work and effort



sagittariusSAGITTARIUS 23rd Nov-21st Dec

you have a good week ahead of you, for those of you that are looking to make change in your life, if there is something you’re thinking about changing, doing, or planning, then this is the time to do it as the energies are very positive and show that you’re on the right path and you’re thinking along the right lines. I can see a lot of happy times, enjoyment and success; you will need to take a break when you can, as there really is a very busy period ahead of you. So whenever you get a chance, put your feet up and take some time out. Good news is showing and with it is coming success, I get progression and that your starting to move forwards, just make sure you don’t take on too much or it will lead to you feeling extremely pressured and overworked and over tired. There are so many positive things that are happening for you, but you just need to make sure that you have an action plan and do one thing at a time, remember you are only one person and there’s only so much you can do.

Godfrey’s message to you focus on the good things that you have in your life, appreciate all that you have, to receive even more blessings of abundance. You are attracting the right people into your life that are going to be there to help and support you, lean on them whenever you need to. Remember you are in charge and in control of your life, do what you need to do to make your life a success, there is always one that is going to spoil it for you or won’t be happy for you keep those people are arm’s-length and don’t let them spoil it for you.


capricornCAPRICORN 22nd Dec-20th Jan

 There is some good news that is on its way to you this week bringing about feelings of excitement, it looks like it’s something that you have been waiting for or is being given so you have something to look forward to. There is a need to do some inner work on yourself, I get this sense that you feel a bit down at times, looking at what has been and gone, and find it hard to get over a situation, perhaps you’re feeling that there is a situation or person around you that has been a bit one sided of late. You really should be proud for how far you’ve come, as you’ve made great leaps and strides in your life to get to where you are now, and you should honour and respect your feelings and be a bit gentler on yourself at times. For those of you that are single this is a very good time for the start of the new relationship or perhaps meeting someone new, for those of you in a relationship it’s that feeling of being in love, happy and content. I also see you being extremely busy, at times not having enough hours in the day, pace yourself and don’t get yourself run down.

Godfrey’s message to you is there are many good things that are happening in your life, but there is also this sense of sadness and down at times or you just being unhappy about a situation. It is time to put your wants and needs first for a change, you need to do the things that will make you happy and bring you some inner peace and contentment. When you are happy those around you will be happy to.


aquariusAQUARIUS 21st Jan – 18th Feb

It’s time for your life pick to up a pace, I see you progressing up the ladder, it is certainly a good time for new jobs, roles, or house moves and there is some sort of contracts, agreements or important documents that will need looking at or signing, that you need to focus on and pay attention to. There seems to be a lot of pressures around you at the moment and it looks like you have some sort of deadlines to meet, either one that you have imposed on yourself or that others have imposed on you, and there is a lot of things that need to be sorted out this week. There is some good news and success, and I get this surge of energy as you start to hit some targets and goals. The home and your family is important, making sure you spend some quality time with those that you love and catching up on some jobs around the house is important. It really looks like you’re working towards material and financial security and comfort for the long term future, well done keep the good work up.


Godfrey’s message to you is this is a time of personal development for you, if you’ve been thinking about some sort of learning or training then this is as good a time as any to start looking at this or actually doing it. New opportunities are on their way, bringing about even more opportunities for the future. Do not be too hard on yourself this week, prioritise everything, doing what is essential, and leaving the rest to another time, that will help to take some pressures off your shoulders. The last thing you need to do is get yourself run down and make yourself ill because you’re trying to do too many things at once.


piscesPISCES 19th Feb – 20th March

This week is showing to me that you may not always get what you want at times, but you will always get what you need and it just about bringing some balance in your life. It’s time to take control and take charge of your life, the first and foremost thing is to start believing in yourself and know that there is nothing that is out of your reach, you can achieve anything when you put your mind to it. Make sure you bring some balance into your life by focusing on not just the material, financial and working side of life, but also make sure you balance it with the spiritual side of life too. Someone needs your attention this week, someone that is being up and down emotionally, and may appear to be moody at times. New beginnings, fresh chapters appear to be ahead of you, bringing out a new way of life. Whilst you cannot see the bigger picture right now, because the whole picture has not been revealed, you just need to bide a bit more time and wait for situations to evolve and trust in what your inner self and your gut instincts are telling you, as you are in tune with other people and situations right now.

Godfrey’s message for you is you are undergoing some big changes both on a personal level and on an outer level in your life. At times You may feel impatient like you want it to start happening or life to change now, and for it to fall into place, as you have been really working hard on your life trying to make it better The light at the end of the tunnel is there for you, you just need to wait a bit longer and you will come out the other side. Keep going you are nearly there and will not have much longer to wait before you start to see some positive results.



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  1. jo millichamp says:

    This is the most accurate horoscope I have ever had brilliant I’ve already read 4 this morning useless all of them but this was eerily right loved it ive never had one so accurate,keep up the good work

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