Weekly tarotscopes 11th October -17th October










 ariesARIES 21ST March -20th April

You are getting yourself in a bit of a state, and over worrying about what may go wrong, or may not happen. Relax; seriously, nothing is as bad as you fear. Try not to allow your fears to get the better of you. It is a good time for trips and journeys especially relating to appointment’s, meetings or interviews. Whilst you may feel like you are being torn and not knowing what to do for the best, when you stop worrying, and be practical you will make the right choices.

Godfrey’s message to you is take your time this week, to rest, relax and recharge your energies. This is a time of planning, and contemplating, reassessing your life, and setting yourself some new targets and goals. Use your inner strength, and determination, especially as you are about to step out of your comfort zones and push your own personal boundaries.


taurusTAURUS 21st April – 21st May

You are focused, sorting different areas of your life out. Learning, training or sharpening up on your skills, will result in new jobs and roles, and for you to better yourself in the future. Accept offers of help when you need it, as they come from trusted sources. If you want to move home or get a new job, this is the ideal time to perhaps do more research and explore your options in these areas of your life. This is a time to move on and move forwards, to calmer and happier times.

Godfrey’s message to you is there are times when you feel a little low, as you have been through a lot of late. Some people around you, are not giving you what you give them, which will result in you feeling that some friendships or relationships are a bit one sided. It is time for fresh starts and new beginnings, a new path is ahead, that is going to take you to happiness and contentment.


geminiGEMINI 22nd May – 21st June

This is a time of clearance, out with the outworn, and anything that is not making you happy, which enables you to make room for the good and positive to enter your life. Problems may occur this week, but this is so you can get things sorted once and for all. There looks to be an offer or invite, linking to romance or to work this week. Do some inner work on you, as I can see that you need to work on a bit more self-belief and love for yourself.

Godfrey’s message to you is if you do not believe in yourself, if you do not love yourself, then it is going to be hard for others to give you the same. Your patience levels are not as they should be, as someone is getting on your nerves, more than usual. Surround yourself with positive people and situations, as that is what you need right now, people who will love care and support you.


cancerCANCER 22nd June -22nd July

You are in charge and in control of your life. There have been times when you feel that you have done so much for everyone else, that now it is time for you. Take your heart out of making decisions this week, and be practical and methodical. You have some big decisions to make, and need to decide what you want to do. If you can take some time out of your busy schedule, to have a break, or just spend time away, from your schedule, whether It is a day, or more, for a little holiday this is a good time to do it.

Godfrey’s message to you is now is about getting some time for yourself and to spend it with those, you love and care about. Do not leave problems this week, if you know something needs to be addressed and sorted out then now is that time to do it. Having a break will help you to get things into perspective, and will give you time to make plans for the next phase of your journey.


leoLEO 23rd July – 23rd August

Everything that is happening in your life is as it should be. Go with the flow, as you need to embrace change as it happens in your life. You are working hard to bring about security in your life, both emotionally and financially. The path you are currently on is going to take you to security and success. Now you need to take a few risks and chances, and a leap of faith, do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zones and do or try something new.

Godfrey’s message to you is the past is around you, for some of you that may be you thinking about times that have passed you by, for others you may hear or see someone that you have not heard or seen in a while. The wheels are turning, life is ever changing, enjoy the ride, as nothing is happening by chance, the people you meet, the words you hear, pay attention to the signs being given to you.


virgoVIRGO 24th Aug – 22nd Sept

You are focusing on yourself this week, and weighing up your options around you. Whilst you do not have everything you want, you will have what you need, whatever is missing or lacking will soon be replaced by something better. You have so many options and choices around you; there is more than one way for you to move forwards currently. What you need to do is explore all the possibilities that are open and then make some choices and commit to making change happen.

Godfrey’s message to you is you have the world in your hands, and you need to think about what it is you really want to happen. Whilst you may be a bit hesitant, when it comes to making change in your life, you really have nothing to fear or worry about. Paperwork is relevant, something needs to be looked at or signed.


libraLIBRA 23rd Sept – 23rd Oct

You are entering a new phase in your life. it is changing, and even though some situations around you are progressing slowly, it is change all the same. Legal matters, such an important documents, are showing, and there looks to be some extra money coming in. This tells me things such a loans, new jobs, agreements, will be successful this week. areas of your life that have been at a standstill will soon start to pick up a pace, so be ready and prepared.

Godfrey’s message to you is trust your intuition this week, especially if you feel you are not being told the truth, or getting all the facts to a situation. it is important to stay calm, keep a clear mind, and find out what is what before you react and proceed forwards. Good things are happening on the career front, and financial side of life for you this week.


scorpioSCORPIO 24th Oct – 22 Nov

There are times when you feel pressured and up against it. There is so much that you want and need to get done. You look to have some choices, and need to decide what direction you want to go in. finances needs juggling around a little. Make sure you pace yourself, there will be times when you need to take time for yourself, so that you do not burn yourself out. It is time to do a lot of thinking and reflecting, and contemplate, about what it is you need right now.

Godfrey’s message to you is you want and need something more in your life. Your soul is crying out for nourishment. You need to feel fulfilled. Now is a time for you to start to look at doing things you really enjoy, no matter how big or small, to start this process. Start to think about your wants and needs, and look at how you can bring the spark and passion back into your life.


sagittariusSAGITTARIUS 23rd Nov-21st Dec

Your hard work is paying off for you, and it will result in success for you. Make sure you reward yourself for your personal achievements, treat yourself to something nice. For some of you there is extra money around you. Communication is lacking this week, make sure you talk to those closest to you, and speak about how you feel, and what you want, need and expect, and more importantly listen to what is being said to you also. be open and adaptable to change, as you may find that plans can get changed at the last minute.

Godfrey’s message to you is there are new opportunities presenting themselves to you, to better your life. Take time to reassess areas of your life that have been progressing slowly, and if you want to take a change in direction then now is the time to do it. Be flexible in your approach this week, and be open to changes, especially when they come at last minute as once the dust settles you will soon see everything will run smoothly and work out for the best.


capricornCAPRICORN 22nd Dec-20th Jan

This is a great week on many levels, for a start the wish card has come out, so all of you need to sit and really think about what it is you want and need in your life, and imagine that it has happened already to help with the manifestation process. Good news is on its way, a time of achievement, and you should be so proud of yourself. Balance, and harmony, are a result of the achievements you are making.

Godfrey’s message to you is work in the relationships and friendships that you have with others, making sure they are healthy and balanced. Now is not a time of sweeping problems under the carpet, but hitting them head on to get them sorted out once and for all. How you feel is not going to change, until you do sort things out.


aquariusAQUARIUS 21st Jan – 18th Feb

Eventual success to a problem or situation that has been dragging on is showing. Keep moving forwards, and working through personal issues you have been having. Now is not the time to give up, or feel that things will not work in your favour, as they can and they will. Someone is stepping forward, a male energy to give you some help and advice. This comes from someone that is trusted and will have your best interests at heart.

Godfrey’s message to you is the light will come on, new thoughts and ideas will flow, on how to sort a problem out, or how to progress forwards. If you are wanting to hear some news, waiting for something to happen, or for someone to step forward, be prepared that you need to wait a bit longer. When the time is right, everything will fall into place for you.


piscesPISCES 19th Feb – 20th March

There are times when you feel happy and content with what is happening around you. There is some good news coming forwards, perhaps even the announcement, or a birth, or pregnancy, or of something new and exciting happening. There are times when you feel a bit wary and cautious, and where you can’t see the outcome to a situation, just allow more time to pass, and when the time is right all will be revealed.

Godfrey’s message to you is this is a time of personal growth and change. Allow more time to pass, in areas of your life that you cannot see fully how things will transpire. Something new is happening for you that will result in happiness and contentment. Stay on the path you are on, and take each day as it comes and one-step forward at a time.



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  1. Susan austin says:

    Thank you right now my life is really rough I’ve Brocken my ankle in three places have screws and a plate . Tha pain is almost unbearable . I look forward for your readings thank you. Bed bound looking at months and then physical therepy

  2. gloria byrne says:

    Too true thank you lvx

  3. Irene says:

    I am still waiting for that good news to come.

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