If you have had a reading with me, been to one of my clairvoyant nights, have received a spirit portrait or have had teaching with me and you want to share your experience to let others know, so they can make a choice as to whether i am the right person for them i would be eternally grateful thank you so much in advance xx

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Thank you!

Nov 12, 2019 by Sandra

Anne Marie has been a great guide for me and making decisions in my life.  I love doing readings with her because it is like speaking with a friend. Everything she has told me has been super accurate.  I feel her warmth and light come through when I receive her emails. But what I love most about Anne Marie's readings is her guidance. She not only answers my questions but gives me tools to take the proper next steps. I highly recommend Anne Marie. She is a blessing!


Sep 11, 2019 by Donna Garza

This is my second reading with Anne, it was amazing and correct she knew things that I never mentioned to her. You will not be disappointed at all she is the best. I was very pleased with the Spiritual Guide Portrait and the Relationship reading


Apr 16, 2019 by Pat Jeffery

My daughter paid for a Reading for my birthday. I received the reading yesterday and was blown away by the accuracy of how she had tuned in to me and picked up my feelings which were spot on. It was a beautiful reading both my questions were answered fully and I'm keeping fingers crossed for accuracy but the whole tone of the reading would lead me to believe it's very accurate. You will not be disappointed if you choose Anne Marie to have an insightful Reading with I'm am 100% happy with mine


Jun 04, 2018 by Janeen

I got a same day reading and it was amazing and accurate. I shared it with my boyfriend and he was amazed aswell. Thank you so much Anne Marie ????????

Most amazing accurate reading

Dec 18, 2017 by Sam

I have tried readings elsewhere. Anne -Marie is absolutely fantastic. So thorough and accurate. I feel like she knows me. It actually brought a tear to my eye as she was so right in all areas and people concerned. I wish I'd found her years ago. Many thanks for making me feel sane. xxx

Once again, a truely awesome reading

Jul 01, 2017 by Mel Sykes

I have had many many amazing readings from Anne-Marie and Godfrey over the years, but my latest one totally blew me out of the water !! Everything she told me about the person I have met is totally accurate , his past, his present and the future,, all very exciting stuff,, given me a real positive outlook now,, "" does a happy dance" XXX Thank You xxxx

Thank you again, Annemarie

Mar 29, 2017 by Shona

Thank you Annemarie for another wonderful reading. You have read for me many times over the years, on various different issues, and every time you have been spot on. I cannot recommend you highly enough for anyone who is looking for a kind and non-judgemental answer to their question.

4 question same day

Feb 22, 2017 by Julie Davey

I have had a few readings with Anne Marie in the past and they have all been spot on. My most recent reading she has helped me so much in getting through a relationship issue. Something Anne told me was going to happen has already happened. Anne Marie is truly amazing and would recommend anyone who is going through a stressful time and would like some answers to contact Anne Marie.

An Angel

Nov 22, 2016 by Tara

Ann has been very helpful with my struggles in a relationship that was questionable.

She explains everything clearly.

Thanks Again

3 question reading

Sep 14, 2016 by sharon

Wow.Anne's readings are very good.
I've had a few with her regarding an old boyfriend and recently about me moving.She has looked deep into this difficult long lost love situation and sees a reconnection in the future.I read with may psychics in the past but no longer do so since i found anne cause i believe her readings are truthfull.I was told i was to reconnect with this man almost every year that has past with other readers.Anne is the only one saying she sees this in the future in a few yrs. to come.I'm glad i met my psychic when i need information on situations.

Very Gifted Lady!

Jul 25, 2016 by anonymous

I am extremely grateful to Anne-Marie for all her help and support given to me, especially when I feel extremely confused and do not know what to do, which way to go, and how to deal with bothering me issue.

In my opinion she is very gifted and lovely lady, incredibly good person with lots of compassion in her heart, very helpful and willing to help a lost soul. Anne-Marie looked deeply into my problem. I would compare it to chemical analysis of a substance, in order to find out what its components are. An investigation of component parts of a whole and their relations in making up the whole.

Anne-Marie does not give brief answers to any of my questions. She does not make any judgments, she tells me what she can see and what she is given by her clairvoyance, regarding bothering me issue.

I would certainly recommend this lady to anybody who is looking for a genuine and sincere help with dealing with a problem, and with going through a difficult time.

Amazingly Accurate

Jul 04, 2016 by Zynia

I have received many readings from Anne Marie and I simply can't not fault the insight and guidance she gives with such clarity.
I had a 12month reading and month by month its all fallen into place.
I urge anyone to order a reading..Especially if your at a cross road in life.
The advise is amazing.xx

Yearly Tarotscope Reading 2016

Jun 20, 2016 by Jennifer Slater

Thought I would leave some feedback regarding the reading I received as a gift at the start of the year....we are nearly half way through the year and every single month has been so accurate I have goosebumps typing this....I cannot recommend this talented lady highly enough 10/10 !!!!

Same day reading

Jun 10, 2016 by Zoe Phillips

Thank-you Anne you are so right in what you said
I will deffinately be back for another reading. lots of love zoe xxxxxx

Ex lover reading

Jun 07, 2016 by Rachel

Thank you Anne Marie, great reading answered a lot of my questions and confirmed my belief of karmic questions. Excellent advice, will recommend to friends and family. Will definitely be back for future readings. Much love xx

potential love intrest clarification lost love

Mar 24, 2016 by sharon b

I'm so happy and honoured to have met anne marie.
I had my 3rd email reading with her.
She has clarified and given me 3 well laid out readings regarding my long lost love.I dated this man in 2008 and i cannot let him go from my thoughts.I needed clarity as i had so many readings done in the past.I had another reading prior to hers with another psychic.I checked in with anne for some clarity as to why this other psychic didn't delve into the depth as what anne saw.She gave me the most detailed well put together 3rd email reading about this man and this reconnection she sees in the future.I am now at peace and can live my life knowing one day he will return and what is coming!
She is magnificent!!.Glad i found her.

getting back with ex

Mar 15, 2016 by sharon b

I receive an email reading from anne today.
I wanted to know about a past boyfriend from 2008 that its now 2016 and i cannot forget him.I've had many readings but anne went above and beyond with what she received about this situation!.It was the best reading i've ever had all these years!.She is a lovely soul that that explains well and gives it to you straight.I look forward to more readings with her and the far out future she sees with this man in question.Thanks anne!..that was an incerdible email reading.

Very gifted,Honest and Genuine

Aug 18, 2015 by Zynia Maylyn

I have had the pleasure of many readings over the past few years, To help guide me through some hard times.
Annemarie is always spot on with advise and always zones into the situation perfectly.

Thank you so much for your insight, predictions and keeping me sane at times :)

I loo forward to my indepth spirit guide reading xx


Aug 04, 2015 by Claire

I had an in depth year ahead reading with Anne Marie, it was amazing. The accuracy with the things she said was truly astounding. Anne Marie has such a natural warmth and positivity, that along with the reading it really gives you a lift, reassurance and gives you the confidence to know you are on the right track or how to get there if not. I have had many readings in my time, but none so accurate as this lady. She is the real deal and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you Anne Marie - you are amazing :-)


Jul 30, 2015 by j

I have had several email readings with Anne Marie over the past year & every one has been spot on. She gives honest, helpful advice & the one day readings are sent quickly which is great. This lady has a wonderful gift - highly recommended!

Thank you!

Jul 29, 2015 by Anonymous

Thank you so much for your wonderful email reading. It gave me a sense of hope and positivity, and I can't wait to see how everything you mentioned will turn out in the future! Xx

Same Day Full Indepth Email Reading

Feb 17, 2015 by Anna

Hello Anna Marie, I would like to say thank you for your 2nd reading. 1st reading was amazing and 2nd I am literally blow away and I have to say you were right about the job !! You told me the next 8- 10 weeks I will start new on. And also you said there is a man and lady showing that I will work with and will get on with ...Awww God Belss you..all spot on and excactly you said. Well done. You have a genuine talent and her reading is very accurate. Also I forgot to tell you I am waiting for an interview to achieve my dreams of becoming a nurse. I will let you know about my interview. All spot on again. Thank you very much. 2nd reading I purchar on the 14th November.

Thank you very much!

Same day reading

Jan 09, 2015 by Angelika

Anne Marie responds quickly in a very kind way. She has a lovely energy and is really doing good and thorough work. I was touched by her insights and could feel how sincerely she intends to be of service and help. I believe her to have a genuine talent and her reading was very accurate. Thank you very much!

Nov 17, 2014 by Emma

I'm literally blown away by how amazing your reading was :) I've been waiting a while to hear that and you have confirmed that I'm not crazy I think :) thank you xx

Continued support

Oct 19, 2014 by Tasha

I am going through a very difficult time at the moment and have a broken heart. I have a reading with Anne marie every couple of weeks to monitor progress. I give her a quick update and ask the same questions (usually) I find her readings to be very accurate and give me advice on which way to approach. I look forward to them and as I am impatient I always have the same day reading and she always delivers! Thanks

Same day Relationship Reading

Oct 05, 2014 by Anna B

My previous feedback should have shown 5 stars instead of 4 for Anne Marie's reading. Sorry i should have checked my rating before i submitted it. Sorry AM...... told you i sm a disaster with this phone. Lol@ xx

Same Day Relationship Reading

Oct 03, 2014 by Anna B

What an extremely gifted lady! I feel that I have known her all my life! She had such patience with me as I was having problems sending her the info she needed to do my reading. In fact we had a good old giggle about it as well as finding out we have quite a lot in common. My reading was 100% accurate and Anne Marie confirmed my exact thoughts as well as giving me the guidance I needed. I highly recommend this wonderful lady.
Bernie xxx

Spot on!!!

Aug 14, 2014 by Lisa

Anne Marie and Godfrey are amazing! Anne Marie is so
Kind and always gives honest advice! Xx

Full in depth reading

Aug 07, 2014 by Ann-Marie Bell

Speechless ,so very accurate and has given me lots of hope for the future.
No1 if you want a reading A wonderful person and Godfrey is rather good
Just Brilliant ,there just aren't the words that can express how I feel and grateful I am to you
Much Love xxxxx
God Bless.xxxx

So accurate

Jul 07, 2014 by Mog

Wow what an amazing first reading I have just had!! I've consulted many mediums & psychics over the years but none have been able to give so much clarity around what is happening. I am so grateful to have found her and will definitely be seeking further guidance soon. Thank you again Anne Marie, you were spot on! xx

Anne Marie is no 1

Jun 30, 2014 by Anna

I have been seeking guidance from Anne Marie for more than 1 year now. She is the no 1 tarot reader and everytime she sends back any reading to me i feel a gift have been sent to me. I truly from the bottom of my heart love the accurate amazing gift Anne Marie have.
God bless Anne Marie for all her work she do for everyone.
/// Anna


Jun 11, 2014 by Sarita

Had my very first reading with Anne Marie and am very pleased! She is fabulous! She confirmed some thoughts and feelings that I had, but I just needed to hear for sure. I felt so good reading her words (I've re-read is several times since!) and I am looking forward to the things she said coming true! She even gave me a description of my guide which is so nice to know! Thank you thank you! I will come back to you again in the future for sure xxx

Full reading

Jun 10, 2014 by Jacqueline brandley ( Turton )

My reading was spot on this lady is fantastic I would tell everyone about my reading yes it made me cry that how true it was I will decently be having another one again bless you
Lots of love

"Opportunity Knocks "

Apr 26, 2014 by Julz Turner

On Wednesday 23rd April I was given an opportunity (re work) of a lifetime, which would change my Life.
Anne Marie has been reading me accurately for well over ten years

same day relationship reading

Apr 24, 2014 by Judith Eason

You are so spot
on.This is the what I was thinking and you have verified all of it for me thank you so much. X xxx love and light

Same Day Relationship Reading

Apr 16, 2014 by Amanda

This reading was Amazing!! An accurate understanding of my current situation and an honest, inciteful, positive, supportive reading that touched me. I totally recommend Anne Marie if you are thinking of booking a reading. Thank you and Godfrey for your kindness and for sharing your wonderful gift. thank you soooo much xx

fantastic reading

Apr 14, 2014 by julie

I had a fantastic reading with Anne Marie, she has hit on everything that is happening and has happened in my life. I am now feeling more positive about my future.
many thanks Anne Marie

Gift - Hope - Wishes - Dreams

Jan 27, 2014 by Roja

I totally love getting readings from Anne Marie! It is like a gift she give us all filled with flowers, stars, hope, dreams, wishes, hugs, positive energy ect...
I have had a 12 month reading, same day reading, 1 question reading, 2 question reading from Anne Marie since last summer 2013. Every time she gets back to me its like a new chapter in my life is about to begin or something, purely magical & accurate!
I cant express enough how thankful i am for her giving so much to us all.
God bless Anne Marie!


Dec 18, 2013 by Charlotte

Anne Marie and Godfrey are the best, honest, reliable and always goes the extra mile, and with great accuracy too

Simply awesome,

Oct 23, 2013 by Mel

I have just now been introduced to another of my Spirit Guides through a Digital Spirit Portrait,!! Im in awe and soo excited, The portrait is exquisite, I felt an instant connection with her " Mareah". her colours are simply stunning,, and the messages " Meditate more and relax, all is in good hands and do not give up"!! I cannot recommend Anne Marie highly enough,, I have had several readings over the years , all of which were an inspiriation. Book your portrait now, you wont be disappointed~~ Mel xx

Digital Spirit Portraits & Readings

Oct 18, 2013 by Dawn

I don't even know where to begin! I have had Anne Marie do readings for me for a long time now. I have had the full year done as well as the random readings. All were BRILLIANT! When Anne Marie announced the Digital Spirit Portraits, I knew I had to get them so I ordered all 3 as well as one of the pastel sketches.

I was so amazed with the results! "Meeting" my guides & hearing their messages has been so uplifting to me! Knowing they are nearby & helping me makes me feel loved, safe & comforted. I am listening to their messages & guidance which is something I would never have been able to do without Anne Marie.

Anne Marie, you are truly a lovely & very gifted lady and I can't thank you enough for all the help, support & guidance you continue to give me. Thank you for giving me hope & showing me there is light at the end of a very dark tunnel! (Not forgetting Godfrey either... Thank you!)

Love & hugs! xxxxx

12 month reading

Oct 10, 2013 by Roja

Oh my god..this is so extraordinary Anne Marie!
Thank you so much for doing this yearly reading for me....
at first i didnt understand it..UNTIL now when little by little the things you wrote for me is coming to place like puzzle pieces...its scary but incredible at the same time...
wow...its incredible how much light and hope you gave me!!! thank you....
blessings your way

WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!

Sep 26, 2013 by Sandra

Anne Marie is an incredible source of comfort and help. She has reassured me and given me guidance about one situation in my life, and tells me how she sees it and how it is. i have spoken with many psychics over the years, but none compare to Anne Marie. A truly amazing woman !!

Astoundingly Accurate

Sep 25, 2013 by Tanya Swanagin

Thank you so much Anne Marie and Godfrey. You have been a source of strength, encouragement and support during some difficult times.You are amazingly accurate, truthful (even if it isn't what I want to hear), consistent, patient, etc.. Everything you have communicated to me has been spot on. Your value in my life is unmeasurable. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Same day relationship reading

Sep 12, 2013 by Angela

OOOHHHH my gosh :) Anne Marie you are amazing. I am soooooo glad that I was drawn to you. Your reading has blown me away. You have been so accurate with everything you wrote. I felt so confused with what I was feeling and whether to hold on or just let go. You gave me clarity and hope and my heart now feels soo free and light just knowing why things are happening the way they are. You helped me confirm what my heart knows. To hold on and to not feel guilty. I cannot deny what I'm feeling and you gave me hope. Your kind words about your own personal experience rang so true with what I have been denying for so long. You are a pure beacon of white light that needs to be shared. You made my day, my week , my month :) I cannot wait until I book my next reading.
WOOWWW I'm still blown away just re-reading :) xx

full indepth reading

Sep 12, 2013 by Sal

OOOOOOOOOOOOO Anne-marie Thank you thank you thank you so so so much...this reading has been an absolute blessing- you are an angel....I cried my eyes out with excitment reading it...thank you so much to you and Godfrey... you confirmed what I knew about F- and helped me to believe in myself :)I know i deserve better& you &Godfrey clarified it for me... I have been feeling big changes& I am feeling a little more confident- Thank you so much for this amazing reading...


Sep 12, 2013 by Liz

Dear Anne Marie,
I just wanted to write & thank you for the e-mail reading you did for me. I was delighted with what your reading gave me. Everything you said struck a chord with me. Thank you for sharing your gift with me.

full indepth

Sep 12, 2013 by Karen

Hi Anne Marie

Wow thank you! You've described me spot on, and Godfrey description is excellent

one question

Sep 12, 2013 by Vanessa

Hi Anne Marie, Many thanks again for this reading! I feel a lot better already because of what you said in the reading. You are so accurate!

angel reading

Sep 12, 2013 by D

Hi Anne Marie... WOW... I am in total shock and have shed some tears!!! The first card is more or less word for word what was said in my counselling session today by my counsellor. The second card, I've not long come downstairs from having a candle lit bubble bath. The third card is just a dream come true and confirms what two other mediums have told me this year. WOW!!!

I don't have many readings as I'm a medium myself but you've totally blown me away. Thank you so so much for today, you really have made my night for me :-) WOW... I'm so so thrilled.

Lots of love to you too, and thank you again x millions!!!

2 Question Reading...

Sep 07, 2013 by Roja

I just got my 2 question reading back from Anne Marie and it was made me reflect on life...gave me hope..her reading was so accurate in regards to my situation/ thinking to ask for a year reading later on...she is truly

Everything u said in your reading came true ;)

Jun 04, 2013 by sarah

Hi Anne Marie,
I received this reading from you in 2011 and just wanted to let you know that I had my baby lol it was a little girl whom was born in February this year, she\'s 14 weeks old now and I\'m about to start family daycare from home :)

Everything u said in your reading came true ;)

Thanks again


Mar 20, 2013 by mtl

Thank you Anne Marie (and Godfrey) for such a quick and thorough response. Much of what you saw made sense. I am sure I will be a return customer.

Mar 02, 2013 by Karen

Thank you Anne Marie and Godfrey. My reading was clear, I felt everything as I read, like I was being spoken to personally, in the same room as Anne Marie and Godfrey. The reading gave me exactly what I asked for...guidance. I feel comfortable knowing what lies ahead, just to have that closure is an immense weight lifted from my shoulders.

If you feel you're confused and need some guidance, go ahead and ask Anne Marie and Godfrey for their assistance. You won't be disappointed how the reading comes across, I felt the words to be calming and gentle, yet to the point.

Thank you Anne Marie and Godfrey xxxx

Response: so pleased you enjoyed your reading xx

Love Love Love

Feb 19, 2013 by mel sykes

Yet another outstanding and amazing reading from Anne Marie and Godfrey . Always done with love and sincerity. Cant recommend them enough. a true shining light!!

Response: always a pleasure reading for you lovely lady xx

Amazing is an understatement

Jan 16, 2013 by Nikki

Please please please try Anne Marie , she is amazing and honest. she is the real thing and a beautiful soul. i will definitely be back next time i have a question or an urge to have a reading. thank you anne marie you are an angel xxoo

Response: you are very welcome glad your reading has helped you xx

Jan 07, 2013 by tony rowlett

hi all first to anne marie i just seen ur lovely message to ronnie and it brought a tear to my eye. no matter how much we know they will be ok we still have that void that time takes to fill. also i had a one question reading from anne marie and it was spot on and amazing and i can't thank her enough xx

Response: lots of healing to you, so pleased you enjoyed your reading


Jan 04, 2013 by Clare

I honestly cannot give Anne Marie and Godfrey enough credit for what they do. They work tirelessly helping people and they genuinely care which is so amazing. Anne marie and Godfrey are a massive part of my life. I have had many readings over the last 18 months and have probably not left enough feedback on here, but just how many different definitions are there for amazing!!! Anne Marie is the best around. Her energy is so positive even if she delivers bad news to you. What an amazing lady. Her and Godfrey are the A Team without a doubt!! Much love to you both and many many many thanks xxxxx

Response: bless you hunny, we send you lots of love, and positive energies always xx

Tarotscope Christmas book

Dec 18, 2012 by Tracie Anne (Australia)

Hi Anne Marie, I have just received my Tarotscope Reading,feather and gorgeous little Angel charm. Thank you so very much,it has brightened up my day. I love the way you have presented it,just beautiful.
I have already read the introduction,but not sure if I'm supposed to read it all now,I'm just having sneaky peeks. Should I read it all now,or month by month?
Oh I've also read the last page,Godfrey's Message and the message from the card "6 of wands". Oh my, what a wonderful,uplifting message,I'm almost in tears. I honestly feel that 2013 is going to be my best year yet and your message just confirms this but even more than I could imagine.
I can't put into words how I feel...finances have been a great concern this year but I sense things will improve. I understand it will be hard work but I'm up for it and ready to go.
I'm gonna shine my light so brightly and let the world know I'm here lol..
The accuracy and insight in this message is one that truly resonates and inspires me and has lifted my confidence so much higher.
Bless you dear friend,I am ever grateful to you for this wonderful gift and the little nudge (shove lol) I needed.
I wish you all the best for Christmas and the New Year,I pray you have much happiness,health and abundance in all that you do.
Lots of Love Always,
Your friend,Tracie xxxx ? xxxx

email reading

Nov 11, 2012 by lynda morgan

thank you so much anne mariefor the email reading,I am intrigued to see what comes next year that you felt for me,I am actually excited about it.I have re-read myreading numerous times as it gives me warmth if that makes sense,thank you so much xx


Nov 02, 2012 by Elizabeth

I have started to read your horoscopes every day and I have been so totally gobsmacked at your accuracy.I have gained strength thru reading them and also have more positive thoughts buzzing thru me. I have come out of a relationship where I thought I had it all only to find my "ideal" was a compulsive liar and fraud, boy did it hurt and knock me to the ground, but here I am smiling again and almost back on track, A very big thank you and hug xxxx

Awesome, Amazing, Spot on!

Nov 01, 2012 by GP

Annemarie thank you for the clear and precise answers and clarity. Your compassion and warmth is wonderful. I will reccommend you to all my friends. I'll be a client forever. Thank you xxxxx


Oct 24, 2012 by Louise Forbes

Anne Marie, I can't thank you and Godfrey enough! The reading you gave me was unbelievable. Ur amazing at what you do and I would strongly recommend you to anyone that needs some answers. may i also add how honest you are and that is well appreciated. Thank you xxxxx


Oct 11, 2012 by Liz

Nothing could compare with myRelationship Reading from this wonderful lady Anne Marie. It astounded me her amazing knowledge and insight ....and this fantastic psychic gift that she has. It moved me to tears and has given me such hope and light for the future where there was none. I am so touched as well by her genuine caring and thoughtfulness for others. She is a lady who so inspires me and helps. She is such a gifted and genuine medium and i certainly want many more readings in the future.
This is my second wonderful reading now and im so very glad that i found her. Anne Marie speaks from her heart. Thank you Dear Lady. Anne Marie from the Very Bottom of Mine for all the Amazingly true things that you have told me. Bless you kind lady for helping me so very much. You are a living and Sweet Angel. Lots of Love and Affection and Hugs. Liz Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyxxxxxxxxxx


Oct 10, 2012 by Yasemin

Thank you so much Anne marie for the Finding Love Reading. Everything you mentioned was so accurate. Very very impressed. Thank you and god bless xxx

Wonderful!! xxx

Oct 08, 2012 by Sam kendall

After coming across an email reading today that I had in June ~ I just wanted to share that more or less everything has come true, it's all been spot on, thank you very much it gave me a lot of clarity & the uplift I really needed at the time. With much love & angel blessings, Sam, xxx

godfreys card

Oct 08, 2012 by melody smith

Dont know if I am doing this right but I just picked a Card of Godfrey and it came up Dispute, so is that my card for the card??? Thank you xxx

Response: yes the card that you are drawn too is the one that is for you at the moment, perhaps giving you a sign to be on the watch for arguments and disputes coming up xx

Clear, concise message from Godfrey

Oct 04, 2012 by Joseph

I availed of Anne Marie and Godfrey's Message from Godfrey and it helped clear up some issues that have been going in my mind. It was direct and concise, providing just the right amount of info. Thanks again.

as always,,,amazing

Oct 04, 2012 by mel

I have had wonderful readings by Anne Marie and Godfrey for many years now,,,I trust them implicitly and they are always spot on. Lovely caring people. Always my first choice xxx


Oct 04, 2012 by Dawn

I just received my reading from Anne Marie & it was even better than I dreamed it could be. She is a truly amazing & gifted psychic. She is also a caring person. She really wants to help others. That is rare these days! She has helped to give me so much hope for my future when before this, I've had very little. Thank you again Anne Marie (& Godfrey)! I'll be back! xxx

Oct 02, 2012 by Ivana

Thank you for the reading! I like very much the readings from Anne-Marie and Godfrey. They are very good team and they are so accurate! Many thanks!!!

september 30th 2012 same day reading

Oct 01, 2012 by annette from tennessee

I feel so blessed to have a reading by anne marie and Godfrey, bless you both for looking into my future and giving me hope on what path I need to take with charles. anne Marie you picked up on charles personality like a magnet, you described him excellent, and you described our situation exactly as it is happening, thank you for guiding me in the right direction and letting me know what charles heart and mind is feeling and thinking, this was my first time reading and it will not be my last. I will continue to count on this special lady in the future for I felt peace come over me reading her email and comfort somehow knowing her prediction was accurate. thank you precious lady and God has blessed you with this precious gift in helping people choose their paths, and thank you precious Godfrey, I believe in you both, thank you for such quick response. I took advantage of your autumn special and it was well worth every price. Will contact you again but thank you again for giving me hope for the future. I just have to be patient and give charle the time he needs to heal from his past. blessings to you both. annette from Tennessee


Sep 03, 2012 by Annie Elwell

Thank you so much Ann Marie and Godfrey for amazing readings, always truthful, accurate, honest and supportive and caring Annie xxx


Sep 02, 2012 by Sharon

Warm caring and accurate, thank you Anne Marie and Godfrey xx

Relationship reading

Aug 28, 2012 by Christine

My reading was so accurate regarding the relationship I am in, I couldn't believe it! It helped me a lot to understand the person I am with and what to expect.
It gave me such clarity.


Jul 15, 2012 by ann

hello Anne Marie have tried ringing your number but told i got the wrong number ? have paid £8.oo for a card reading but it did not give me the option of giving my name or the year i was born. my name is Ann ------born 3-september 1960..many thanks Ann

Response: Hi Ann can you check your spam folders you should have recieved an email from me i have just sent another one my lovely xxxx

So accurate and insightful

Jun 27, 2012 by Laurence

Thank you Anne-Marie and Godfrey for another amazing reading, to provide me with the insight and support I was looking for....
Love and light xxxx will be back for sure!
Laurence xxxxx

e mail reading

Jun 15, 2012 by rachael

Thank you so much for my fantastic reading Anne Marie,it was extremely insightful,helpful,reassuring and very relevant.
I shall highly recommend you to my friends.Once agin thankyou to you and the Spirit World for your time and energies.
Much love,light and Angel Blessings,

Amazing !!

Jun 12, 2012 by Denise

I have just received my Full in depth email reading and I would just like to say .... Anne-Marie and Godfrey are amazing x Spot on and I have lots to look forward to in the future. Excellent insight received I would strongly recommend Anne-Marie to everyone X

Exceptional as always

Jun 11, 2012 by Mary Richardson

I have had many readings now from Anne Marie, I think she is the best, She is honest, sincere and very down to earth. I do get worried when I ask for a reading with Anne Marie as she tells it like it is and that maybe not what you want to hear, but at least you are getting the truth and that is what is so important. Great to know you Anne Marie and to find someone who gives it like it is. An honest reading. love from me Mary xxxxx

Jun 06, 2012 by claire

I have had quite a few readings with Annmarie, i have had a testing year to say the least!!, but annemarie has helped throughout. With very basic information her readings have been spot on everytime. She is a kind caring lady, but will say things,as she,sees them not just what you want to hear. I would recommend her and i wouldnt use anyone else. Thanks my angel x

Thank you so very much Anne Marie

Apr 19, 2012 by joanne

Thank you so very much Anne Marie, for two very wonderful spot on readings, love getting them via email, i am so going to enjoy reading them over and over,all of my good and bad points too, you mentioned them all, love to you xx GET A QUESTION ANSWERED BY THIS WONDERFUL LADY, HUGE READING WELL WORTH EVERY PENNY, ALL MY DOUBTS HAVE NOW LEFT ME... XX

spirit guide portrait

Apr 17, 2012 by Laurence

A beautiful portrait, well packed and drawn in a beautiful way which was most accurate in relation to looking like my grandmother a lot who always seems by my side...Thank you so much Anne-Marie xxxxxxxx love light and blessings always xxxxxxx

love and support

Apr 16, 2012 by jt

The best is Annemarie she was spot on with my reading and a big thanks to her my future looks bright thanks you Annemarie I would have fallen apart with out your love and support. x

Amazing and so truthful as well as spot on

Apr 15, 2012 by catia fernandes

I have known Lisa for a long while now... and she has always brought such clarity and most of all been so spot on all the readings that I have encoutered with her.... sae day readinsg to 12 monthly ahead readings... when ever I had questions in regards to diifficult situaions I have been faced with on many different parts of my life.. she has showed me the outcome and given me the best advice and put my mind at rest ... she has great wisdom and a beautiful gift that has helped me so much... and brought such happiness to a few doom and gloomy situatiosn I been faced with... but one thing that sticks out for me is that evry detail and tiny detail of her readings have come true exactly as she says... and its an incredible how she is so spot on.... I have recommended her to friends and family and they all say the same thing... she is of such trust and one amazing lady.... and she has a loving heart that she always shares through her readings and makes them so personal to you... She is a friend...


Feb 11, 2012 by susan

just read my weekly tarotscopes it his spot on for me u r a mazing keep yr good work up u r very good ty sue

Anne Marie is amazing.

Feb 06, 2012 by Richard Carr

(How i discovered Anne Marie) Its goes back a few years. In short I was advised to come to Anne Marie in search of some form of guidance a by someone who i trust unquestionably.

I could not have been any luckier than to find this magnificent person and soul than at the time when i did. I have always believed in myself and my future but what Anne Marie did is help confirm these premonitions and bring rays of sunshine back into my world which was submerged in 8 years of darkness, solitude and physical pain.

I cannot describe how wonderful this woman is in words alone, it would be careless of me. Her gift is her blessing and i believe those who are meant to find her, will like myself find her. Her honesty, warmth and integrity is what i admire, not all news i have received has been positive but it is exactly what i was meant to hear.

Please accept my apologies for not leaving feedback sooner, with how my life is at the moment it's very erratic. I wish you eternal happiness, success and good health.

With love
Richard Carr x

Feb 01, 2012 by kelli

really glad I had my reading off anne marie, have been thinking which way to turn for ages now, and she made it so much clearer to me, so a weight has lifted of my shoulders and I feel better for it, hopefully the future is much brighter, thank u again xxxx

really pleased

Jan 22, 2012 by shaz

Im really happy this was thr 3rd psychic ive been too with the same problem and she was the only one i could say yes thats true and with everything she said i agreed. she even picked up a card of birth marriage etc on the exact date my sister was due to have her baby. most of all shes gave me some answers ive been needing to get on with life. she knew the exact ways if my relationship too. thankyou so much xx

Amazing and uplifting

Jan 17, 2012 by Nicola

Anne-Marie was recommended to me by a friend and now I know why. While recovering from an op and with time on my hands I had a one day reading yesterday... totally spot on and making my spiritual journey all the beautiful and mind blowing. I feel but nothing but kindness,love and warmth from Anne-Marie and Godfrey her guide. Keep up the amazing work.... God Bless xxxxxxxxxxxx


Dec 08, 2011 by tracey

i clicked on face book and there was my grandad staring at me . i got in touch with Anne-Marie and i got a reading to go with it .AMAZING is all i can say i my grandad even brought my husband to her in a vision . what a comfort to me .
you vo girl your so AMAZING ...

Nov 26, 2011 by louise

wow totally spot on!!! just waiting for the best part lol x x x keep up the good work huni

absolutely fab

Nov 06, 2011 by kelly

what can i say..... i was very nervous as it was my first encounter with anything like this but it was brilliant. There were certain things that were so true, i am now going to keep reading it to see if i can be guided!
Many thanks Anna and Godfrey xxxxxxxx ps i will be back x

Great psychic !!

Nov 05, 2011 by Iman

I have been getting readings from Anne Marie for the past two years, a six months readings four times and everytime this lady has been quite accurate. Some months the readings were more light and given to different interpretations but most of the time readings could not being mistaken and were surprisingly accurate. I am skeptical and weary of people's intentions but with Anne Marie I think this is one of the most honest psychics I came accros. This is the reason why every six months I come back loyally to get her readings again.

five star!!

Nov 04, 2011 by elaine

well i had a reading 3 days ago and was told that i would get engaged and 3 days later i am engaged!!! thanks so much :)

Highly recomended,

Nov 04, 2011 by Angela Pryce Hemmings

I would like to really digest this reading, and come back with more feedback in some months time. But what I want to say on reading it for the first time is WOW! You have told me things noone could know who had never met me .... and others which are in my mind and noone but I know.
You are an extremely gifted reader and psychic. I am in the same spiritual world as you, and have not received such a gentle but spot on reading before. Btw my house is decorated in total Indian style and fulllll of crystals.
I am extremely impressed and would recommend you to anyone and everyone wanting a reading.
Thank you for your energy and time,
Love, Light and Angel Hugz

Nov 03, 2011 by carole

Thank you anne for the wonderful reading you gave to me last monday. You work with truth and proof and very good evidence from your guide. It was so nice having my parents popping in to let me know they are always around me. Thank you also for answering a few questions which were on my mind and now i feel alot more confident of my path ahead. God bless! Carole xxx

email reading

Nov 02, 2011 by Emma

I have just had a one question email reading with Anne Marie. And all i can say is wooooooo!!!! How spot on she was. Even thou it was just one question i asked,she still went into all the cards, and their meanings to my question.She does tell it like it is.. And i will defo be passing on the web site to my friends, and telling them to get a reading! Thank you again sooo much x

Phone reading

Oct 30, 2011 by Alan Ward

Had a phone reading with Anne Marie today, lovely friendly lady to talk too. Started the phone call with a good chat about general stuff before the reading. The reading itself was very accurate, detailed nothing was ever rushed. Had loads of questions wrote down to ask and even though we went over the hour by quite some time, i was never felt the reading had to be rushed or anything was cut short. Ive recommended Anne Marie to all my family and friends she's very talented and says it how it is. If your expecting to hear what you want to hear, don't bother. She tells it like it is and doesn't mess around. So for me, 10/10 for this remarkable lady! I wish her the best in everything she does regarding tarot etc. I will be a customer for many years! :) xxx


Oct 26, 2011 by clare

wow wow wow. there are no words to express just how amazing anne marie is. She is honest and kind. She has confirmed some things without me saying them, word for word as if she has heard the conversation between me and the other person. Anne marie is the warmest non judgemental person ever, a true angel.
thank you Anne marie and godfrey xxxxxxxx

Anne Marie Kell Psychic Medium 01778440623 23 middle street rippingale , pe100su Uk 5.0 5.0 140 140 Anne Marie has been a great guide for me and making decisions in my life.  I love doing readings with her because it is like speaking with a friend. Everything she has told me h




I have just received a reading from Anne-Marie, and am so impressed that I wish to express my immense gratitude and amazement in writing.

Over the years, I have had many readings but none have remotely approached the level of the one Anne-Marie provided this evening.

Anne-Marie’s manner was gracious, compassionate and understanding yet also straight-forward and sincere. I feel truly uplifted by her honesty and sincerity, which is a rarity in this day and age.

Her accuracy was astonishing, and I am still somewhat dazed as to the level of detail that she provided.

As previously stated, this reading was unparalleled in every conceivable way.

Anne-Marie is without doubt, the best reader I have ever come across and would not hesitate to use her again or advise others to do so.

She s an excellent example of professionalism, humanity, humour and accuracy.

Many thanks for an excellent service.

Charlotte xxx        09.02.2011


I have seen Anne Marie on a couple of occasions now and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Anne Marie has seen me when I was at my lowest point following the break up of a relationship and when I have been getting my life back on track. During both reading Anne Marie made me feel comforted and loved, she really does care about your situation.

Anne Marie’s gift is second to none and so varied. She has been spot on with everything she has told me about my situations. She is a very genuine person and this also emanates in her work.

I have recommended Anne Marie to my friends and colleagues who all are still raving about their experiences. I would recommend her to everyone. She is so caring and even after your session with her she is always on the end of the phone or email should you need her.

My time spent with Anne Marie has helped me grow and evaluate myself and what I want to achieve in life! I have never felt so positive about my future and looked forward to the new exciting opportunities Anne Marie has spoken to me about.

Highly recommended in my book, Anne Marie is not just someone who will read for you and that’s it, I class her as a friend as well and I am very grateful she has come into my life.

Danielle Hooper  From Huntington 24/01/2011


Anne is a warm and genuine Medium and Psychic with a passion for helping others

Donna Stewart Medium 22/01/2011


Anne Marie has been my trusted beacon of light for many years now. She is who I call upon when I need to make sense of any situation or simply to know what lies around the corner.

I was in awe of Anne Marie from my very first reading when she was able to pick up messages from my Mom who had passed away. She described her to a tee, and even got her exact name. Anne Marie knew things that were very personal between my Mom and I.

Anne Marie is a loving, honest and compassionate person, a rare and true gem. She is truly gifted. I plan to call upon her as my guide for many years to come.

Thank you Anne Marie!


Tracy C. Townson, Montreal, Canada 21/01/2011


I would like to say a great big thank you to Anne Marie Kell for a very informative and excellent reading.  She was very accurate about information that I already knew about. Her readings are also very well presented and professional.  She is a very gifted lady and I highly recommend her if you are thinking of getting a reading. You will not be disappointed. Lots of love Anne Marie. Mary xxx (1st October 2010)


I’ve been having readings from Anne-Marie for 5 years now. She is an incredibly accurate and sensitive reader. She takes time to answer all questions and she answers them clearly and precisely. There’s no vagueness with her and she will tell you honestly the messages she’s receiving from Spirit and from her cards. She’s the best reader I’ve ever gone to and I’m happy to stay with her.

Vicki McKellar  (23rd August 2010)


I have been having readings with Anne Marie now well over 7 years. She has "seen" me go through many changes, with career & Love Life, her predictions have always been accurate & as more often than not, given timings & names, which were relevant "at the time". I trust her readings immensely & they have given me much guidance and answers to the questions I was seeking.
I’ve also had two spirit guide portraits at different times over the years….which are truly beautiful, and bring you closer to your guides.
Love & Light, Julz xxx 

(Julie from Stourbridge  West Midlands 23rd august 2010)


In my experience, choosing ‘spiritual services’ are never an easy one. We often fail naturally to comprehend logically its authenticity and perhaps use them for ‘quick-win’ solutions to choices, light & dark which we are presented with in this lifetime. I believe, we all have a ‘mission’ in life. Some will have an ‘easy ride’ others, will triumph through adversity and we can get consumed with the unfairness of it all. Think of a beach of sand, our universe, lifetime, represents one grain of sand! Anne Marie, in my experience based on a reading in January 2008 is a VERY special individual- she is a gift of light, from spirit, to shed light on the essence of, you. She would probably be a ‘premium’ listing in the Spirit Yellow Pages 😉 Its amazing how a photograph can reveal unbelievable accuracy about, through Anne. Her insight gives an ‘uncanny’ perspective to our lifetime, with an amazing degree of authenticity and humility. There are many services, plumbers, electricians which we would not choose, through poor experience and bad repute. I say, with sincerity in a world of many ‘spiritual services’ being offered, TV, newspapers or many will be aware of several web sites- our choices can be difficult or even, poor- trust me!

Anne, is the real deal.

Marilyn xXx (2 for 1 reading in Jan 2008)


Anne Marie’s reading was 100% Accurate.
It made total sense and gave me all the answers I needed. This is the best psychic reading I have ever had online and would definitely have another one done. It is clear that Anne Marie puts 100% time and effort into her readings. I would highly recommend Anne Marie. She is a star! from ukmusik


Anne Marie, I am so exited I can’t believe it we have had an offer on a lovely house accepted! You thought we would be signing contracts for possibly a new house June or July and it is actually happening. It is great news! Thank you so much for helping me be positive. Lee x


Hi Anne Marie,
I have sat here and cried reading your letter, thank you so much, you couldn’t have been more accurate, thanks for giving me some hope and I will definitely be recommending you. thanks so much


Anne Marie,
Thank you for a lovely tarot reading! your a very talented and gifted lady!! i was very impressed!! you summed my life up impeccably!! will recommend you to my friends and family!!
Dear Anne Marie,
A very big thank you so much for doing genuine readings for me – I have never had a 100% accuracy ever before with Tarot cards. Every reading you have done for me has helped me so much with my life, before you did these for me I was so mixed up inside, and now – I am very much at ease because of your help. I shall be having my cards read often with you and I cannot recommend you high enough to others, thank you so much once again for all your help.
God Bless You


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