If you have had a reading with me, been to one of my clairvoyant nights, have received a spirit portrait or have had teaching with me and you want to share your experience to let others know, so they can make a choice as to whether i am the right person for them i would be eternally grateful thank you so much in advance xx

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Oct 26, 2011 by Claire

I came across Anne Marie on FB and something just drew me in and WOW I am amazed at how accurate she is. I could feel her incredible energy just reading her email.I was in such a turmoil but felt complete peace & joy after her email. She has this sense of calmness and love. I have never met her, yet,I feel as if I have a new friend.I have had a few readings from others but Anne Marie is..WOW!!! Thank you Anne Marie & Godfrey. xxx

Out of this world

Oct 25, 2011 by Elle

I came across Anne Marie by chance about 4 years ago and as they say, there is no such thing a coincidence, Anne Marie is now an amazing friend and confidente with her amazing psychic ability, incredible empathy and spiritual insight. Anne Marie has such a beautiful soul and also has such humour, she really does make me laugh. I had probably my 1000th reading just today and once again, she really helped guide me. I have recommended her to many people and will continue to. Anyone that is feeling dubious about readings, when it comes to this lovely lady, I would urge you to take a chance. It doesn't matter if you have never met her, her accuracy and her ability to tune into is second to none. I think is a truly special and gifted lady xx

Needs 10 stars!

Oct 24, 2011 by Jayne

I found Anne Marie a few years ago, was drawn to her and she has read for me ever since, spot on everytime, warm, great sense of humour. I had a face to face reading last Friday, where my Nan came through it was magical and my Nan stayed for a hour and lots of correct infornation was passed, it was so nice as this is the first time she has come through. Anne Marie is truly gifted and I now consider her a good friend, she knows things not even my best friend knows lol.

Annes very 1st reading on animals

Oct 23, 2011 by Tracie

Anne did a reading on my 2 horses sumthink she has never done b4 she said 1 of my horses had either a a sore tooth or sores in his mouth which was giving a headache feeling.i had the dentist out to day and sure enough my horses tooth had come threw and was sore when he had abit in his mouth.when I asked the dentist would it make the horse have a headache he said yes its just like us humans wiv our horse also had sores in his mouth because he had sharp teeth that were digging in his mouth so well done anne on ur 1st reading on animals its so nice 2 no whats wrong and how 2 help people if u want a reading on ur animals anne marie is ur lady thank u so much from me jiggy and vinnie x


Oct 23, 2011 by Heather

Very uplifting and honest reading made my day. Have had many readings and all are very good and will have many more I'm sure :-)
Thanks Anne Marie and Gofrey xxx


Oct 23, 2011 by Michelle Belcher

I can honestly say Anne Marie and Godfrey are amazing!!
I have had several readings now and every single one has been spot on!!
I will coming back for more and more and more!
Totally amazing! I love them both!!
Thank you :-) xxx

very accurate

Oct 22, 2011 by Jenny

I have had many reading good and bad ,but Annes beats them all. she confirmed my first thoughts every time and is spot on with her dates etc. I love Anne and in the future if i want an accurate honest answer i will use her again.I also had a spirit drawing done and funny enough when it arrived he looked like id expected him too. thankyou anne x

spot on!!!

Oct 21, 2011 by Carol

Anne Marie was spot on again with her reading!She always gets to the heart of the matter and gets to the important things that are going on. It really gives me hope and encourages me to move on with life in a positive way. Fantastic! I would recommend Anne Marie & Godfrey's readings to anyone xxxxx

Genuine, warm reader!

Oct 21, 2011 by Kate

This is a review of the second reading I\'ve had by Anne Marie - which in itself should tell you, she\'s so accurate and insightful you will go back if you have another question! My first reading was a four question reading, covering education, spiritual life etc. She saw me writing and meditating, and being connected to nature - without knowing I was about to start my creative writing BA and that I\'m a pagan who practises Buddhist meditation! Pretty complex things, and Anne Marie picked them up!

The second one, a relationship reading, was spot on - Anne Marie described something about the nature of the love between my partner and I, which was basically something printed on a little gift card I\'d given him. Godfrey and my own guides were showing what I needed to know, and she passed it on perfectly.

If you want a reader who is genuine, honest, and will give you sound advice, not just what you want to hear (she said my fella and I will still have ups and downs - this has come true already, couple of mardy bums - but we\'re alright lol), then Anne Marie will not disappoint you! xx


Oct 18, 2011 by Sona

Anne Marie will just blow you away with her reading! She is amazing, intuitive, with the most beautiful heart and soul. I am so grateful for her reading. Her predictions were for my future--but I am SO SURE that she is spot-on accurate. I'll be back. With love...

Spot on as always

Oct 15, 2011 by Jennie Kane

Thank you so much for my recent reading. Cannot fault your accuracy, you are always spot on and never tell me just what I want to hear, you are honest and precise. I will take note of everything you said and hopefully things will fall in to place, I feel able to put all my energies into making things work now. You are a star xxxxx

Oh I missed a star off

Oct 14, 2011 by mel

Just needed to add the last star on the " Ratings" OOps I misssed it off on the first review!! apologies!! lol. Anne Marie is a Five Star-er and much more! Mel xx

No nonsense guidance

Oct 13, 2011 by Shona

Annemarie has read for me regularly for the last three years, and I have consulted her on a variety of issues on which I valued her advice and guidance. Annemarie is "no nonsense" - she will tell me it as it is. I also have a lovely Spirit Guide portrait which she prepared for me - her artwork is beautiful. Thank you my dear for all your help and love over the last three years....Shona xx

an inspiring, accurate, spot of reader

Oct 09, 2011 by catia fernandes

I have know annemarie for a few years, had various types of ereadings with her. They all have been accurate and enlightening throughout. when I have been stuck in situtations or worries the readings always brought back to me what i already knew it also gave me closure and affirmation that the decisions i wanted to make was the right one.
She always gets everything that i am battling with, with hardly any detail been given to her.
I have been so impressed with my 12month forecast reading for.this year just gone.
Evevery month it went exactly how it was predicted, it was so great. What i like is that she tells you even when its going to be tough, but she puts it in such a way that leaves you calm and not stressed, she has great people skills and you can tell she actually cares about her clients.
I have recommended annemarie to many of my friends and they all were impressed with her work.
thank you annemarie for all your support and kindness most importantly thank you for the healing you have sent me.
It has made a different. tell Godfrey thanks for watching over me. lots of love catia xxxx :)

full indepth reading

Oct 07, 2011 by maureen

Thank you Anne-Marie for my reading, although I found you by accident, I now know it was for a reason, you were so correct it's amazing, especially considering I'm in a different country, you've shone abit of light at a dark time & i've my confidence back to make my own path more easier, looking forward to seeing the changes. Thank you again.
Kind Regards
Maureen XxX

thank you sooo much

Oct 07, 2011 by tracie

had my 4th reading with annemarie and as usual a fantastic reading. annemarie is a lovely lady who has a gr8 gift.her readings are always accurate and always make me cry thanks hunnie and godfrey 4 a wonderful reading fingers x for me.tracie xxx

Lovely Lady

Oct 07, 2011 by Janet N icholls

I have been very lucky to have had a spirit portrait done by Anne Marie.It was of my late husband well it was the best thing to happen since he died.The message was perfect as was the portrait.It is something very special that I will always treasure Anne Marie is a wonderful person who is very good at what she does.Icant wait to have a full reading with her .

The Most Accurate, Compassionate & Sensitive Artist, Tarot Reader & Psychic

Oct 06, 2011 by Helen Rayner-Karlsson

I found Anne-Marie in 2004 and she has been my shining light of hope ever since. After my 1st reading with her, I knew I had been show to her for good reason, and whenever I needed help, her readings always were given with compassion and truth. Anne-Marie will not just tell you what you want to hear, she will be to the point but with great empathy, and sincerity for the clients feelings. I have recommended her to many
friends and family and she has read for my sister and mother on more than one occasion. I have had the great privilidge to see her gift grow and trust both Godfrey and Anne-Marie's readings.

If you get a reading from Anne-Marie, rest assured, that she puts so much of herself and time into them, that you would ever be hard pressed to be disappointed. Her spirit guide portraits are amazing as are her spirit portraits, of which I have both. I thank the stars
that Anne-Marie is always there to guide the way when all else looks lost. I trust her with all my heart and she has never let me down.

Thank You Anne-Marie for Everything, Your a Star xXx

Oct 05, 2011 by Jane

Anne-marie is one of the most gifted pyschic mediums I have come across, having gone through quite a few over the years I feel as though I have found one I can trust. Anne Marie recently provided me with a spirit portrait of a loved one in spirit whom I instantly recognised accompanied by genuine facts regarding this person, which to me is confirmation and proof of her work with spirit

A geniune pyschic medimum I feel is from personal recomendation, and I can personally recomend Anne-Marie x

What can I say........?????

Oct 05, 2011 by Moo

Where do I begin........Anne Marie has been in my life for many many years, she was brought to me unexpectantly by my Dad who is in spirit......he always did know how to look after me!!!! She is kind in her words....especially when she tells you something you 'might' not want to hear lol. Anne Marie is one in a million. Her readings are truthful, compassionate and guaranteed 100% accurate.....what more could you want?? This beautiful, caring, talented and totally amazing woman has shown me.......the light at the end of the NOT a train coming the other way. I am eternally grateful to her!! xxxxxx did she know!!!!!!!

Oct 05, 2011 by Kim Leahy

Hi Anne Marie, just wanted to say thanks for the most amazing reading i have recieved, It is absolutely fantastic,i still have'nt come down from the cloud you put me on. It is sure eye opening... i have paid much more and got nothing,, this is word for word my life and situation..I will certainly be back for another in 6 months,,,, Thanks again Anne Marie you are 1 special lady and if you don't mind, i will be passing your name onto my friends. love and angel hugs,,,,XXXXXXXXXXX

The Real Deal

Oct 05, 2011 by Mary Richardson

Anne Marie has read for me a few times and have found her to be exceptionally caring and giving lady, She doesn't beat about the bush but tells it like it is, and that is what I love about her. She is a professional and gifted Psychic Medium and one to turn to if your are looking for the answers that you so desperately need I thouroughly recommend her. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

One of life's Earth Angels

Oct 05, 2011 by lorraine o'byrne

I have had many readings with Anne Marie over the years and have always been left in complete awe of this ladys' talent. Her readings are not only accurate and insightful but are also filled with comfort, compassion and a very unique wisdom. I cannot reccomend Anne Marie highly enough.

Inspirational Lady

Oct 05, 2011 by Debbie Souter

I have had 2 readings from Anne Marie and wow what can i say. She was spot on with everything she said to me. She also gave me an insight to the future of which is now occurring and can't thank her enough - as at the time my brain was very foggy and clouded. Thank you so much and keep up the good work and maybe one day we see you here in Dorset xxxxxxx

Like no other ...

Oct 05, 2011 by Beth

Anne Marie is one of the kindest, sweetest, caring people I know. I have had many readings from her over the years and her accuracy is astounding. Not only that but she picks up on things that I've not told anyone else. I love that she will tell you what she sees ... not what you want to hear. It's also nice to get a reading from someone who genuinely cares about what she is doing. She is definitely like no other :)

simply the best

Oct 05, 2011 by Michelle Kelly

I have a few reading from this wonderful and out standing and kind hearted lady.
She has never got anything wrong .every single thing that she has said she has been 100% right.Anne Marie knew things that no one would know. She has gave me hope when i felt there has been none. she has always taken time and love with each one of her readings. you can feel that when you read her words of wisdom and care that come from her readings . the words come from the reading will warm your heart and soothe your soul.I have told many friends and family about her and i wouldn\'t go to anyone but Anne Marie now..x she is not only a true gifted warm hearted soul she is an outstanding lady whom i will always be thankful for her wise words and love and time . x

Best of the best

Oct 05, 2011 by Kayleigh

over the years, I have consulted several mediums, with varying results. I then came across Anne Marie through recommendation of a friend and can honestly say that I can't see myself approaching anyone else. since February this year, I had 4 readings including a spirit guide portrait, mediumship, love and job reading. It is not only the accuracy of the readings that wows me but those little things that she says that add confirmation. Only yesterday I fedback to Anne Marie that the faceless ornaments figures she had seen in an angel reading for me mum, were owned by me and this figurine sits next to my own angel guidance cards. With Anne Marie, not only will you find someone who will give you answers from the spirit world, but is there as a friend after to give support and guidance, helping you to understand your readings. She will already know I'll be back for more :)


Oct 05, 2011 by Terssa welsh spirit medium

As a medium sometimes its hard to find someone to read you, Annemaire is awesome she does very accurate readings and has always been really spot on with me, everything she has given me doing a reading has been very detailed and accurate I would not use anyone else. xxxxx shes a medium for the medium :0) x

Oct 05, 2011 by Trish

Anne Marie is not only extremely talented and accurate with her readings, but she is also a really lovely and warm human being. I felt a great empathy with my readings, and saw things more clearly for myself. Anyone who has come to a crossroads in their life and needs some guidance, Anne Marie is the lady able to help you out and point you in the right direction.


Oct 05, 2011 by kerry halliwell

annemarie is a wonderful lady with a amazing talent.
i was blown away with my e-mail reading.
put your trust in this lady,you will not regret it.
thankyou so much annemarie and godfrey,we love you.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Oct 05, 2011 by Andrea Elliiott

had my Very 1st email reading with Anne Marie exactly 4 years ago before I got to no her properly and I was reading it back only last night and almost everything has been spot on there's 1 bit thats not come to past as of yet and that bit is as follows :- I am being shown it is someone I feel that would have darker hair, rather than a lighter coloured hair, and he would have dark eyes too, I get a sense that this is someone that would be above people work wise, so to me this would mean a team leader, a manager maybe someone that owns his own business, he is someone that I feel has got a cheeky look about him, like cheeky eyes and smile if that makes sense.I also feel he likes to keep himself looking well, he has a strong personality, and can be a bit of a joker, and makes a lot of people laugh. Whilst saying this I feel he takes life seriously and isn’t into mind games, and likes to live life to the fullest and enjoy as much as he can, and there is to be a very strong attraction between you both, where you both will not be able to resist each others energies, and will feel a strong pull towards each other, there is a lot of oranges and reds around this mans energies, which would suggest to me that he is the sort of person that is passionate, passionate within himself, and passionate about life at the same time I feel also he can be prone to mood swings, its like he has a long fuse and is everyone’s friends, but if someone was to step on his toes then they would know about it if you know what I mean. He is showing up as part of your future, so to me this would mean it is no one that you know now it must be someone new that is to come into your life. I also feel that the last part of the year so between September to December will be relevant with this man, not sure if this is when spirit say he will enter your life, or maybe it is a time when his birthday will be, but I feel that these months in some way will play a significance either between you both, or something around him.
I also get the number 7 coming through, numbers can sometimes mean, weeks, months or years, they can also relate to a date or an actual month soon this occasion it may be that July is significant, I never know quite which it means but it is something to be mindful of. For example it may be that he enters your life in the month of July, or it may be that he enters your life in the next 7 weeks/ months/ years, either way I do see someone else coming for you.
Got a date Friday 7th Oct with chap exactly as discribed and he's an manager aqnd a place in bourne lol fingers crossed how things go lol xxxxxxxxxx


Oct 05, 2011 by kera

anne-marie and Godfrey are amazing i am so greatful to them for they're work and kindness to me xxxx highley recommended xxxxx

Amazing reader

Oct 05, 2011 by Elena

I had two readings from Anne Marie and she is amazing.First time when she read for me,I was think ...ok,she is nice and try to make me feel better but after few days the things she was say to me and at the reading moments sounds imposible...was happend.Now I am waiting for the last part of the reading but I am more then sure that everithing will happend like Anne Marie says.Till now,I was't see so accurate reader like Anne Marie.
Thank you!

Amazing reader

Oct 05, 2011 by Elena

I had two readings from Anne Marie and she is amazing.First time when she read for me,I was think ...ok,she is nice and try to make me feel better but after few days the things she was say to me and at the reading moments sounds imposible...was happend.Now I am waiting for the last part of the reading but I am more then sure that everithing will happend like Anne Marie says.Till now,I was't see so accurate reader like Anne Marie.
Thank you!

Truly gifted

Oct 05, 2011 by Tracy

I have been receiving readings from Anne Marie for many years now on a very regular basis. Anne Marie's readings are extremely accurate and given with compassion and honesty. She is truly gifted and I am so grateful to have her point me in the right direction when I hit a bump in the road. To me, she is an Angel that walks among us on earth. Thank you so much Anne Marie, and Godfrey, for always being there to make sense of all that life throws at us. XOXO

Amazing teacher

Oct 04, 2011 by Hailie

have been taught the Faulkner tarot by Anne Marie she is truly gifted and genuine , as well as full of compassion.
She is great fun to learn with , very patient and teaches at a speed that is right for you also very understanding and helpful , got so much out of the course and fully enjoyed it .
Have also had readings with Anne Marie they have always been accurate , honest and have helped me so much , fully trust Anne Marie and her guide Godfrey xxxxxxxx


Oct 04, 2011 by Caryl

Whenever I am in an emotional pickle ! needing answers to questions , I turn to this amazing woman .
Not only gifted & breath takingly accurate , but kind & compasionate (& witty :-) She says how it is & not simply what you want to hear , but always makes me feel better Thank you Anne Marie & of course Godfey xxxx


Oct 04, 2011 by Jodie.

I've had a six month reading from Anne Marie, it was brilliant. At the begining of each month I read it for abit of insight and then at the end of each month read it back, to then find everything that Anne Marie said was spot on. If you are looking for some guidance and comfort, definitely get a reading with Anne Marie as she will blow you away xx

The Real Deal

Oct 04, 2011 by Julie xxx USA

I've been getting readings from Anne Marie for about four years. If I could only describe her in one word it would be amazing. Anne Marie is incredibly accurate and gives thoughtful readings. She won't just tell you what you want to hear. Anne Marie will give it to you straight, but with a wonderful sense of compassion. I have tried a few psychics in my life and I can tell you Anne Marie has a true gift. Through good times and bad I highly value Anne Marie's guidance in my life. Thank you so very much, Anne Marie. You're the best!!

Never any doubt!!

Oct 04, 2011 by mel

Ive had several readings for myself and for friends over the years from Anne Marie! I trust her and Godfrey implicitly! Whenever Im not sure about certain things I know I can call on Anne Marie to ascertain which direction I should be heading! Shes truely amazing! Tells it like it is but with every ounce of compassion and love!! I know Im not on my own with this view! Shes a very special lady and a special friend! Mel xx

Anne Marie Kell Psychic Medium 01778440623 23 middle street rippingale , pe100su Uk 5.0 5.0 140 140 Anne Marie has been a great guide for me and making decisions in my life.  I love doing readings with her because it is like speaking with a friend. Everything she has told me h




I have just received a reading from Anne-Marie, and am so impressed that I wish to express my immense gratitude and amazement in writing.

Over the years, I have had many readings but none have remotely approached the level of the one Anne-Marie provided this evening.

Anne-Marie’s manner was gracious, compassionate and understanding yet also straight-forward and sincere. I feel truly uplifted by her honesty and sincerity, which is a rarity in this day and age.

Her accuracy was astonishing, and I am still somewhat dazed as to the level of detail that she provided.

As previously stated, this reading was unparalleled in every conceivable way.

Anne-Marie is without doubt, the best reader I have ever come across and would not hesitate to use her again or advise others to do so.

She s an excellent example of professionalism, humanity, humour and accuracy.

Many thanks for an excellent service.

Charlotte xxx        09.02.2011


I have seen Anne Marie on a couple of occasions now and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Anne Marie has seen me when I was at my lowest point following the break up of a relationship and when I have been getting my life back on track. During both reading Anne Marie made me feel comforted and loved, she really does care about your situation.

Anne Marie’s gift is second to none and so varied. She has been spot on with everything she has told me about my situations. She is a very genuine person and this also emanates in her work.

I have recommended Anne Marie to my friends and colleagues who all are still raving about their experiences. I would recommend her to everyone. She is so caring and even after your session with her she is always on the end of the phone or email should you need her.

My time spent with Anne Marie has helped me grow and evaluate myself and what I want to achieve in life! I have never felt so positive about my future and looked forward to the new exciting opportunities Anne Marie has spoken to me about.

Highly recommended in my book, Anne Marie is not just someone who will read for you and that’s it, I class her as a friend as well and I am very grateful she has come into my life.

Danielle Hooper  From Huntington 24/01/2011


Anne is a warm and genuine Medium and Psychic with a passion for helping others

Donna Stewart Medium 22/01/2011


Anne Marie has been my trusted beacon of light for many years now. She is who I call upon when I need to make sense of any situation or simply to know what lies around the corner.

I was in awe of Anne Marie from my very first reading when she was able to pick up messages from my Mom who had passed away. She described her to a tee, and even got her exact name. Anne Marie knew things that were very personal between my Mom and I.

Anne Marie is a loving, honest and compassionate person, a rare and true gem. She is truly gifted. I plan to call upon her as my guide for many years to come.

Thank you Anne Marie!


Tracy C. Townson, Montreal, Canada 21/01/2011


I would like to say a great big thank you to Anne Marie Kell for a very informative and excellent reading.  She was very accurate about information that I already knew about. Her readings are also very well presented and professional.  She is a very gifted lady and I highly recommend her if you are thinking of getting a reading. You will not be disappointed. Lots of love Anne Marie. Mary xxx (1st October 2010)


I’ve been having readings from Anne-Marie for 5 years now. She is an incredibly accurate and sensitive reader. She takes time to answer all questions and she answers them clearly and precisely. There’s no vagueness with her and she will tell you honestly the messages she’s receiving from Spirit and from her cards. She’s the best reader I’ve ever gone to and I’m happy to stay with her.

Vicki McKellar  (23rd August 2010)


I have been having readings with Anne Marie now well over 7 years. She has "seen" me go through many changes, with career & Love Life, her predictions have always been accurate & as more often than not, given timings & names, which were relevant "at the time". I trust her readings immensely & they have given me much guidance and answers to the questions I was seeking.
I’ve also had two spirit guide portraits at different times over the years….which are truly beautiful, and bring you closer to your guides.
Love & Light, Julz xxx 

(Julie from Stourbridge  West Midlands 23rd august 2010)


In my experience, choosing ‘spiritual services’ are never an easy one. We often fail naturally to comprehend logically its authenticity and perhaps use them for ‘quick-win’ solutions to choices, light & dark which we are presented with in this lifetime. I believe, we all have a ‘mission’ in life. Some will have an ‘easy ride’ others, will triumph through adversity and we can get consumed with the unfairness of it all. Think of a beach of sand, our universe, lifetime, represents one grain of sand! Anne Marie, in my experience based on a reading in January 2008 is a VERY special individual- she is a gift of light, from spirit, to shed light on the essence of, you. She would probably be a ‘premium’ listing in the Spirit Yellow Pages 😉 Its amazing how a photograph can reveal unbelievable accuracy about, through Anne. Her insight gives an ‘uncanny’ perspective to our lifetime, with an amazing degree of authenticity and humility. There are many services, plumbers, electricians which we would not choose, through poor experience and bad repute. I say, with sincerity in a world of many ‘spiritual services’ being offered, TV, newspapers or many will be aware of several web sites- our choices can be difficult or even, poor- trust me!

Anne, is the real deal.

Marilyn xXx (2 for 1 reading in Jan 2008)


Anne Marie’s reading was 100% Accurate.
It made total sense and gave me all the answers I needed. This is the best psychic reading I have ever had online and would definitely have another one done. It is clear that Anne Marie puts 100% time and effort into her readings. I would highly recommend Anne Marie. She is a star! from ukmusik


Anne Marie, I am so exited I can’t believe it we have had an offer on a lovely house accepted! You thought we would be signing contracts for possibly a new house June or July and it is actually happening. It is great news! Thank you so much for helping me be positive. Lee x


Hi Anne Marie,
I have sat here and cried reading your letter, thank you so much, you couldn’t have been more accurate, thanks for giving me some hope and I will definitely be recommending you. thanks so much


Anne Marie,
Thank you for a lovely tarot reading! your a very talented and gifted lady!! i was very impressed!! you summed my life up impeccably!! will recommend you to my friends and family!!
Dear Anne Marie,
A very big thank you so much for doing genuine readings for me – I have never had a 100% accuracy ever before with Tarot cards. Every reading you have done for me has helped me so much with my life, before you did these for me I was so mixed up inside, and now – I am very much at ease because of your help. I shall be having my cards read often with you and I cannot recommend you high enough to others, thank you so much once again for all your help.
God Bless You


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