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Pre- Order now to recieve by 31st December


There is a 10% discount on all orders, so you will pay less than the amount shown.

The tarotscopes will be from January 2019 until December 2019 and will be emailed to you in the last week of December you will receive it no later than the 31st December. This will be sent via email and in a word document. There are two months on each page, and it is a general look at what is showing for you each month. No questions are needed. The cards are shuffled and drawn personally for you. I will also be drawing an angel card out  for you and will do a mini reading telling you what the personal message is for you.

If you have ordered the second package you will receive the above and will also receive also through email a spirit guide drawing or angel drawing, please let me know which one you would like, this will then be emailed across to you, and I will let you know what name has been given.

Please make sure you check your junk and spam folders, as you will recieve an email with details once you have purchased. Also the email will be sent to the email on your paypal address if you use a different one please contact me via facebook or email me at



 Christmas Special 1

2019 tarotscopes plus one card angel reading there is a 10% discount at checkout off this order


 Christmas special 2

2019 tarotscopes, plus one card angel reading and a choice of either a spirit guide portrait or angel portrait. There is a 10% discount at the checkout with this order


Christmas special 3

You are purchasing two 2019 tarotscopes plus one card angel reading there is a 10% discount at checkout off this order. This is for those of you that wish to purchase an extra one for a friend and send as a gift. These ones will be sent before Christmas day.



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